Premium Car Detailing- Kansas City

You have decided to have your car detailed, but when you start to do some research you notice all kinds of different detailers with a large range in pricing. So, you ask, “What’s the difference?”

There are different calibers of detailers in the market, ranging from weekend warriors to full time professionals. The first question you should ask yourself is “Can I trust some guy out of his garage with my car?” Second, “What kind of quality do I get?” Third, “Are they insured?”Although there may be some quality weekend warrior detailers out there, in the most part they are not professionally trained and most use inexpensive consumer grade products and tools. When you visit a professional detailer they use professional grade products, tools, and have dedicated their time and money to master their craft. Generally weekend warriors detail on a very part time basis and do not carry any sort of liability insurance, in case of accidental damage. Can you trust your car with someone that has no recourse from damages?

Now that you have decided to use a professional detail shop you ask “what makes Extreme Detail unique?” Extreme Detail is a premium detail shop, focused on using the highest quality products and techniques to achieve superior results. At Extreme Detail we will never sacrifice the quality of our product to save time or money that is why we are a premium car detail shop. We believe that our customers have picked us because they want the best and we deliver exactly that!

The professional detailers at Extreme Detail go through an extensive training program before they can detail their first car. They must pass a series of tests, both written and hands on to show that they have the skills to be called a premium detailer.

After their certification, they must continue to educate by attending in house trainings, online trainings, and off site trainings. At Extreme Detail we believe that the better educated our employees the better the results; not only do they know how to detail a car, but they know why we do each step and why it is important to the final result of the car.

If you are looking for the highest quality premium detailing services in Kansas City, Extreme Detail is the only place you need to look. We are focused on offering only the highest quality premium services to ensure our customers receive the highest quality results available on the market today. By focusing on premium detailing services, continuously expanding our skills and not sacrificing the quality of our work we stay on the cutting edge of premium automotive detailing!

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