Opti-Coat- The Ultimate Car Coating-Overland Park


At Extreme Detail we strive to stay on the cutting edge of the detailing world, that is why we selected Opti-Coat Pro as our premium coating. Opti-Coat Pro is a hard wearing, permanent, nano-ceramic coating that is 100x thicker than wax and 2x harder (9U) than your factory clear coat. This gives your vehicle a high resistance to scratches, marring, and chemical etching.



The process of installing Opti-Coat Pro is much more in depth than regular waxes or coating and is permanent vs waxes and sealants that only last anywhere from 3 weeks for waxes and up to 6 months for sealants. Opti-Coat Pro will keep your vehicle looking new forever. This maximizes your vehicles value when you go to trade or sell.


If you are looking to the Ultimate Protection for your vehicle, Opti-Coat Pro should be your only choice!

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