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Are Waxes Outdated?

The professionals at Extreme Detail offer many different products to fit every one of our customers needs, making us the most advanced car detail shop in Kansas City. Our goal is to educate all of our customers on the different selections of products and techniques on the market, so they can make the right decision for their vehicle.

With new ceramic and polymer technologies emerging into the marketplace are traditional waxes and sealants becoming outdated? Here at Extreme Detail we have several different packages and options for our customers to choose from, so which one is best for you and your car.

Wax is a product that has been around since the dawn of the car age. It is generally comprised of up to 51% carnauba wax and some sort of softer wax, such as banana wax or coconut wax. Traditional waxes generally have a life span of 3-6 weeks depending on the environment. This means to keep your vehicle protected you will need to detail your vehicle monthly. Waxes do leave a very nice deep shine and gloss.

Sealants use a synthetic polymer that bonds with the vehicles paint allowing for a longer lasting protection. Sealants, although more durable than wax, generally do not do anything to enhance the vehicles paint. They are a protectant and add no gloss or shine to the car.

Ceramic coating, such as Opti-Coat Pro take the best of both worlds and bring it to the next level. Opti-Coat Pro is a hydrophobic (slick) nanoceramic (strong) clear coat. Opti-Coat pro is up to 3 times harder than your factory clear coat, making is very durable and scratch resistant. The hydrophobic properties of Opti-Coat Pro allow for easy cleaning of the vehicle without damage to the factory clear coat. Ceramic clear coats are a permeant hard coating, meaning they last forever and never need to be reapplied. To the customer that means that you will not need to wax or seal your vehicle again! Over time saving our customers time and money.

The next time you come in to detail your vehicle ask the professionals at Extreme Detail about Opti-Coat Pro!

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