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Paint Touch-Up and Scratch Repair

Extreme Detail offers premium car detailing Kansas City packages that will make you feel like you are stepping into a brand new vehicle. Our Paint Touch-Up and Scratch Repair package is perfect for those that want to get their vehicle back to its original shine without breaking the bank of undergoing a brand new paint job. Our certified technicians have gone through extensive training on all automotive paint in order to offer the closest color match available. We have the ability to travel to your home or business to complete most paint chip or scratch repairs.Our prep process is very thorough. We clean the exterior of your vehicle to locate all chips and scratches. After a wash, we use wax and grease remover to ensure a permanent bond between the factory paint and the repair paint. We are a one stop shop… not only do we offer paint touch up and scratch repair but we also can protect your vehicle with paint protection film and or a ceramic coating. Our business is FULLY licensed and insured for your protection. All of the paint repair products are OEM to the best standards possible. All of our compounds, polishes and equipment are top of the line offering a safe and effective repair to your vehicle. When it comes to car detailing Kansas City, no one offers better quality services than our team at Extreme Detail. We want to work with you! Request a quote here.

car detailing kansas city

Standard Package

Our Standard package is designed to repair the front portion of the hood, partial fenders, front bumper and mirror backs. We have found that these areas are the most damaged by rocks and road debris.

  • Hood
  • Partial Fenders
  • Mirror Back
  • Front Bumper
Starting at $100

Premium Package

Our Premium Package is equivalent to other technicians more expensive packages. It is designed as a way to repair rock chips on the front end of the vehicle as well as repair scuffs and scratches on all exterior panels

  • Hood
  • Partial Fenders
  • Mirror Backs
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Painted Panels
Starting at $200

Before & After Photos

The professional paint touch up & scratch repair system we incorporate has withstood the test of time. It is being used all over the world and by top of the line shops everywhere. We use OEM paint that has a special formula of hardeners and solvents to outperform all other systems. It will lay flatter, fill more, match closer and last longer, we guarantee it!! Most systems are quoted as being a 3′-4′ system, meaning that it is good enough to view from 3′-4′ away from the cars surface. Our system is a 12″ system, which means most chip and scratch repairs are invisible to sight at around 12″ away from the panel.

car detailing kansas city

Customer Expectations & Disclaimer

This service is a repair and like most repairs there is the possibility that you will be able to still see the repaired area. The more chips the less likely you’ll notice the existing repair area because your eyes will not be focused in on one or two chips or scratches. This is a 1′ repair meaning that from about 1′ away the repaired areas shouldn’t stick out anymore. We use OEM paint to the color code on each vehicle however please remember there are variances even from vehicle to vehicle within one color code. The goal of this service is to preserve the life of your vehicles paint. By filling scratches and chips we are preventing rust from forming and getting under your paint, causing further damage. We are also trying to mitigate any further need to have your vehicle professionally repainted. In the event you would like the chips or scratches to disappear completely you would need to have the damaged area repainted. We do have an amazing painting professional that we have referred for almost 10 yrs.

Paint Scratches & Scuffs

Improving the look of your paint has never been easier. We enlist the use of Rupes polishers and equipment. We have found their tools to be the most user friendly and less likely to cause any damage to factory paint systems. The compound, polish, pad combination we use will vary depending on make, model and age and we will do everything possible to remove paint scratches and scuffs, to bring back that high gloss shine.

Please note that any scratch that you can feel with a fingernail will not polish out completely. We can lighten the appearance, fill with touch up paint, level it and polish again but nothing besides repainting the panel will ever make those scratches disappear.

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