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Winter is only a few weeks away; that means ice, snow and dreaded road salt will be coming as well. Now is the time to protect your car from the harshness of winter.


Why Salt Is Used on Roads According to the Department of Motor Vehicles

Human beings can’t live without salt. It’s a necessary nutrient, it’s used to seed rain clouds, soften household tap water, make chemicals and, most important, to make ice cream.

In these parts of the country with freezing winter temperatures, drivers know that warming the cars up in the morning isn’t the only inconvenience. Icy roads are, too. The same chemical reaction between ice and salt that creates creamy, delicious ice cream also keeps our roads and sidewalks free of dangerous ice during the cold winter months.

A salt and sand mixture is frequently spread over roads before or after a snow or ice storm. Salt lowers water’s freezing point, causing any ice already formed to melt even though the air temperature remains well below freezing. The sand helps keep the salt in place, plus it adds a bit of traction to wet and often slushy roads.

Winter Car Protection Kansas City

While road salting helps people travel safely, it has drawbacks. It can cause major body and undercarriage damage to your vehicles unless you take extra care and precaution.

If you’re one of the many who must travel the saline streets in the land of the ice and snow, we have some great tips to help protect your vehicle from the ravages of road salt.

So How Can I Prevent MY Car from Being Damaged During Winter?

Plan Ahead

The best time to prevent salt damage to your vehicle is before the first snowflake falls; a little car maintenance will help keep the rust away. The experts at Extreme Detail can help.

In late autumn, Extreme Detail’s expert detailers will:

  • Thoroughly wash every inch of your vehicle, including the underside.
  • Clay Bar your vehicle to ensure all embedded containment’s are removed from your paint.
  • Apply a meticulous coat of high quality acrylic sealant.
  • Coat your vehicles windshield
  • Apply an interior carpet protection
  • Condition and UV treat all plastics, vinyl, and leather
  • Apply sealant on all wheels and dress tires

Keep a Clean Machine

Keeping your vehicle as clean as possible during the winter will go a long way to cut down the damage done by salt and sand.

  • Come to Extreme Detail for regular maintenance washed to keep the road salt and mud off of your vehicles paint.

At-Home Car Washing Tips

If you are more of a DIY car washer, we recommend washing with our Optimum No Rinse bucket pack.

Car Washing Kansas City

This amazing cleaning kit will allow you to wash your vehicle without a hose in the comfort of your own garage. This process is completely safe and efficient.

When its time for you to detail your car for winter the best car detailing in Kansas City can be found at Extreme Detail!

To book an appointment please visit or call us at 913-202-2295

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