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Car detail kansas city

Springtime is upon us and it’s time to think about a fresh detail on the inside and outside of your vehicle. Winter can cause havoc on the protective coatings of your car. Road salt can stain and dye your interior fabrics, it can cause leather and vinyl to dry out and crack; If left untreated it can cause very costly repairs. Applying a quality leather conditioner, vinyl protectant, and deep clean of your vehicles carpet and upholstery can keep your car from having unnecessary damage.


Road salt on your vehicles exterior surfaces can cause serious issues, this is because the salt that is applied to the roads during a snowstorm can be a real threat to the protective properties of your car’s application of wax. Road salt’s corrosive properties eat away at your wax protection. If left long enough, the dirt and salt from the roads can completely remove the protective properties of many waxes and paint sealants. Without wax on your vehicle your clear coat will become contaminated, and your vehicle will not be able to stay as clean for as long as it can be with fresh coat of wax (since the enhanced slickness of a waxed surface reduces the ability of dirt and rain from sticking onto the surface). Since there is a high probability that your wax protection was compromised, a thorough clay bar treatment to remove embedded contamination in your vehicles clear coat prior to waxing would be a great way to start the new season.

Car detailing- kansas city

The expert detailers at Extreme Detail understand what it takes to keep your vehicle clean and protected, to keep it looking new for years to come. With several options of coating and protectants we can build a detail package for any vehicle and multiple price ranges. At Extreme Detail we believe in education our customers on our various products and packages to help our customers make the right decisions for their vehicle.


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